Corporate Social Responsibility

As Denmark's largest moving- and relocation company, we acknowledge our social responsibility for the society we are a part of and in which we conduct our Business. Møbeltransport Danmark manages its business in a profitable and sustainable manner, and we are therefore committed to comply with applicable national legislation, and internationally recognized ethical guidelines and conventions.

Where there is a natural connection to Møbeltransport Danmark's core competences and business area, we wish to act proactively in protecting our employees, society and the environment at large, both in the local community as well as globally. Møbeltransport Danmark has therefore developed specific guidelines for our everyday social behavior, within the following areas:

Environmental Protection

Employee Relations

Community Impact

The described areas represent the company's value-based leadership approach and are integral parts of the Group's business processes. Read more about how we work strategically with CSR within each of the respective areas.

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