2014 Brdr. Jensen Flytteforretning with large and moderns storage facilities in Rødovre is acquired and becomes the group's national activity center for the Copenhagen areas.

2013 Windum Flytteforretning with modern terminal facilities in Hillerød is acquired and becomes the group’s European logistic hub.

2013 Møbeltransport Danmark’s International Division in Denmark changes its brand name to Aspire Mobility Group

2012 Møbeltransport Danmark and associated companies sign up for UN Global Compact 10 principles on human rights, labor, environment and anti-corruption.

2012 Møbeltransport Danmark and associated companies attain ISO 14001 environmental certification.

2012 Aspire Mobility AB, the group’s second company outside Denmark, is opened in Stockholm, Sweden.

2011 ReloAssist, an award-winning business system integrating international Moving and Relocating file management, is introduced and implemented.

2011 Møbeltransport Danmark supports Breast Cancer Awareness

2010 The new logo, Møbeltransport Danmark – House of Relocation, is launched.

2009 Møbeltransport Danmark opens office in Aalborg, the 4th largest city of the country.

2008 Møbeltransport Danmark, under the brand name of House of Relocation, introduces global relocation management to Danish corporate businesses.

2007 Lyngby Flytteforretning, a major local competitor, is acquired by the group.

2007 Scan Transport in Malaga, Spain, is acquired as an independent company in the group.

2004 Møbeltransport Danmark head office moves into new and larger premises at Islevdalvej 110 in Rødovre, a centrally located suburb of Copenhagen.

2002  Møbeltransport Danmark A/S and Bach & Salicath A/S are merged with Møbeltransport Danmark as the continuing brand name.

2001 Møbeltransport Danmark attains FIDI FAIM Quality certification.

1999 Bach & Salicath A/S introduces full relocation services in Denmark under the brand name House of Relocation.

1998 Bach & Salicath A/S invests in a new integrated IT business system.

1997 Bach & Salicath A/S opens a brand office in Odense, the 3rd largest city in the country.

1996 A/S Salicath's Express Co. and N. Bach Møbeltransport A/S are merged. The new name is Bach & Salicath A/S with the head office in Copenhagen and a branch office in Aarhus.

1936 Møbeltransport Danmark A/S opens office in Copenhagen at Rådhuspladsen 16.

1933 Niels Bach, our owner's grandfather, establishes N. Bach Møbeltransport A/S in Aarhus.

1879 A/S Salicath's Express Co. the oldest of our "forefathers" is founded in Copenhagen


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