Fine Art Transport

Fine Art

For more than 40 years Møbeltransport Danmark has specialised in Fine Art Transport - both national and international. For preservation, it is important that the climate and lighting conditions, under which the artworks are transported and stored, are correct. This means that the requirements to wrapping, packing, transportation and security of the artworks have increased. 

To meet the increasing demand for Fine Art Transports Møbeltransport Danmark offers:

Climate controlled and air-ride equipped fine art removal trucks with GPS surveillance (spot-stop).

Own carpenter shop which produces special-made wooden crates, climate crates, travel frames, etc.

Special packaging and wrapping materials.

Courier assistance for artworks to, from, and onboard the aircraft.

For overseas transports of fine art we cooperate with fine art transport companies which meet the high quality standards that Møbeltransport Danmark requires for carrying out and handling fine art transports.

To ensure the highest security when assisting valuable artworks to and from the aircraft, Møbeltransport Danmark has special permission to enter the restricted areas in the airport.

Our temperature and humidity controlled warehouse is furnished to store sensitive items and artworks. Our warehouse has the highest security and is equipped with alarms directly to the security company.

The coordination and handling of fine art transports are very different from ordinary household goods removals. Therefore, Møbeltransport Danmark has developed a Fine Art Transportation Department where the coordinators are specialised in handling fine art transports.

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