Office and Company Relocation

Møbeltransport Danmark specialises in office and business relocation in the Danish market. 

We offer a committed and experienced team consisting of packers and administrative personnel as well as the latest technology in equipment needs. We provide excellent solutions to your office/business relocation that offer the least amount of impact on your daily operations.

In choosing Møbeltransport Danmark as your relocation solution for your office/business you will receive the following advantages:

Custom relocation solutions for your company’s needs

Continued and committed management during the entire relocation process. Our team of coordinators are available for all your coordination needs, including all practical aspects of your relocation process.

Planned and carefully orchestrated relocation, allowing you and your employees to focus on your business needs and therefore minimize the impact on your company.

We know that office/business relocations are scheduled outside of your normal business hours and requirements are more than the physical moving of your inventory. Many other contractors and companies are involved during your relocation process, for example, telephone technicians, computer technicians, etc. We provide a service that insures everything is coordinated and seamless in your relocation process.

Contact us by completed the request form. We look forward to coordinating your office/business relocation needs.

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